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Go into business FOR yourself… not BY yourself!

There are many benefits of owning an ABA Franchise. Increase your chances of success with all the reasons listed below:



Our Development Team will guide you through all aspects of the opening process, including your Franchise Disclosure Document, facilitation of Financing  through a lender, and business basics training.


Our Training Team teaches everything you need to know about running a successful business. You and your key employees will attend a two week in-person training before your franchise opens.
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Our Audit Team systematically monitors and evaluates all franchise locations to ensure that they meet the high quality standards that our brand represents. In addition, all centers maintain a BHCOE Accreditation.


Our Marketing Team will give guidance on how to market your center through a combination of social media, digital advertising, print marketing and local community events.
Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

Our Support Team has regular communication with all franchisees. We offer guidance, field support, and operations training.
  • Brand Recognition
    • Success On The Spectrum has a corporate image that is well established among parents.
    • Consumers are 59% more likely to purchase from a brand they recognize. SOS Events are often seen on the news and social media, which quietly establishes trust with potential clients.
    • Clients know that SOS provides high quality treatment, regardless of which location they visit.
    • SOS Franchising will grant you the nonexclusive right to use the SOS logo and registered trademarks.
  • Protected Territory
    • SOS Franchising will award you with a protected territory (normally 5 miles driven in any direction).
    • SOS Franchising cannot establish either a company-owned business, franchise nor license another to locate a Success on the Spectrum® business within your territory.
  • Site Selection Assistance
    • While you are ultimately responsible for selecting office space, SOS Franchising will provide assistance to you.
    • We will all provide you with written guidelines for the design and layout of your center.
    • We will provide you with recommended leasehold improvements, storage, signage and décor to be used for the interior and exterior.
  • Purchase List
    • SOS Franchising will provide you with a list of minimum inventory requirements for all equipment, technology items, furnishings, fixtures and signage necessary for the operation of your center.
    • SOS Franchising will also provide you with a written list of approved vendors and suppliers to purchase all equipment, products, supplies and services from.
    • You are required to buy all logo materials from our affiliate, SOS Distribution.
    • SOS Franchising will offer guidance when purchasing insurance necessary for the operation of your business.
  • Advertising
    • SOS Franchising will train you on the most effective strategies of advertising an ABA center. We will provide you written guidelines for local advertising, marketing and promotions.
    • SOS Franchising provides system-wide advertising and maintains the Success On The Spectrum website.
    • SOS Franchising will list your business on the Success On The Spectrum website and on Google Maps.
    • SOS Distribution offers pre-designed business cards, brochures, banners, logo pens, wall decals, etc for purchase.
  • Certification Assistance
    • SOS Franchising will offer you guidance when obtaining licenses, certifications and applying for permits to operate your business.
    • SOS Franchising will offer guidance when applying for in-network contracts with local health insurance carriers.
  • Assistance finding employees
    • SOS Franchising will supply you with recommended hiring guidelines, salary suggestions, and offer letter templates.
    • SOS Franchising will provide you with Interview training and questionnaires.
    • SOS Franchising will provide you with Employment Forms.
  • Webpage
    • SOS Franchising will create a web page for your center housed within the Success On The Spectrum website.
    • You may add pictures, bios, or other information as you like.
  • Email Account
    • Your royalty fees include one main email for your center.
    • You may purchase more emails, as needed.
  • Proprietary Software
    • SOS Franchising will provide you with access to the SOS Porthole EMR Software.
    • SOS Franchising will also recommend billing and data collection software.
  • Initial Training (pre-opening)
    • Before your business opens, SOS Franchising will lead up to 3 people through a two week franchisee training program at our corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas.
    • You will receive the full Operations Manual, hands-on training, and view videos and demos.
    • SOS Franchising will train you to onboard clients, execute our programs, activities and workshops.
    • SOS Franchising will provide you with suggested pricing for services, efficiencies to manage high volume, service standards and general operating procedures.
    • SOS Franchising will give guidelines for advertising, marketing and promotional strategies.
    • SOS Franchising will give guidelines for record keeping, accounting methods and general administrative procedures.
  • Ongoing Assistance
    • SOS Franchising offers training resources, such as our Operations Manual.
    • SOS Franchising will offer assistance, advice, guidance and experience to you to resolve administrative problems that you may encounter outside the scope of the Operations Manual
    • SOS Franchising will continue to consult with you regarding: our vendor and supplier relationships, service standards, programs that we have or will develop, sales and marketing strategies, industry developments, record keeping and accounting procedures, advertising, promotional and marketing materials.
    • SOS Franchising will offer access to additional or refresher training programs that may be conducted through the telephone, webinars or video training
    • SOS Franchising offers will provide onsite assistance at your request, as we deem necessary.
  • Grand Opening Assistance
    • SOS Franchising will offer up to three days of onsite assistance and guidance at your location for either the pre-opening or grand opening of your center.
  • Temporary Management
    • Any franchisee who needs to “borrow” an employee can ask for help from SOS Franchising or other nearby franchisees.
    • Rates will be negotiated case-by-case.
  • Discounts
    • SOS Franchising may offer discounts for products or advertisements from obtained National Accounts.
    • You will receive a discounted franchising fee when you open multiple franchises!